If you’re eagerly awaiting lunch or dinner while you’re at work or on-the-go, nothing can ruin your meal quite like a wilted salad with toppings that have lost their crispness. But a great compartmentalized container can solve that problem in a pinch, and Amazon shoppers say this on-sale option is the one to buy.

From Real Simple;

With 34,300 five-star ratings and 3,600 positive reviews, the Bentgo stackable salad container is a top-selling item in Amazon’s Kitchen and Dining and Lunch Box categories. The container takes a stacked approach to keep your lettuce, toppings, and dressing separated in order to keep all of the ingredients fresh. It has a 54-ounce salad container that holds up to 4 cups of ingredients, and the tray is compartmentalized into four sections: one 10-ounce compartment, two 5-ounce compartments, and a 3-ounce center cup that’s designed to hold salad dressing.

To buy: $15 (was $30); amazon.com.

“Usually when I bring a big salad to lunch in a sealable plastic bowl, everything wilts by noon—not with this bowl! My greens are crisp and everything stays super fresh,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “This is the best bowl. I love that I can pack my salad the night before and everything stays fresh [in its] own compartments,” added another shopper.

To further ensure your lunch or dinner never gets soggy before you’re able to enjoy it, the lid has an airtight seal and locks that click into place to prevent your container from opening unexpectedly. Plus, the bento box-style container even includes a reusable fork to create a true all-in-one experience, and everything, including the main container, tray, and lids, is BPA-free.

“I have used many different types [of containers] from plastic to stainless steel, and this beats all of them,” wrote a reviewer who also confirmed that the “best thing” they’ve discovered about the container is its leak-proof feature.

A soggy salad never makes for a delicious lunch or dinner, so switch to the Bentgo stackable salad container to keep your ingredients fresh. Buy one in eight colors for just $15 while it’s on sale for 50 percent off.

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