Stay Fit During The Festive Season! Follow These 5 Simple Yet Effective Tips

With the holidays fast approaching everyone is looking forward to the best part of it, the food. While enjoying the delicious holiday food, make sure to use these tips to stay fit. Enjoy, courtesy of

Regular exercise can help stay fit during the festive season

Festive season is almost here! It is that time of the year where family and friends come together to have a great time and enjoy all the delicacies. In the bargain, all the discipline you worked hard to build during the year often goes out of the window. Sleeping and waking up late, eating a lot of processed foods, consuming a lot of sugar and more alcohol than usual – these can have a negative impact on your bodies. And when the mood is set to just have fun, it’s very difficult to make the time to workout and stick to daily habits in the midst of trying to accomplish all your plans.

Tips to stay fit during festive season

If you are worried about your fitness goals, here are some tips that might help-

1. Natural sugar

Source sweets made from natural sweeteners like dates, honey, and raisins. This will not only benefit you, but also your guests. This will also help you control cravings and over indulgence as natural sugars don’t create that addiction

2. Exercise

Exercise every day, at home or at the gym, for 20 minutes or more. The best time for this would be around 10-11am or 5-6pm since most sleep late and wake late. Just some movement, walk, run, dance, yoga can leave you feeling refreshed.


Exercising daily can help you maintain a healthy weight during festivities
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3. Dance more and have fun

Dance as much as you can in all your Diwali parties. Playing cards is fun, but it will also mean you are sitting for long hours. So make dancing a part of diwali party and get in some movement and dancercise.

4. Fruits

Add a lot of fruits or natural fruit juices through the day or just have 2 tender coconut water a day. This is excellent to beat dehydration caused by alcohol.

5. Snack wisely

If you cannot avoid snacking, choose nuts, seeds, boiled eggs or grilled chicken. Protein-rich snacks also slow down the sugar spike in the body. Also keep some salads/vegetables with a yoghurt dip for healthy snacking!

Also, do not forget to stay hydrated! Follow these tips to stay healthy and enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

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