Throughout our day to day lives, we can feel lost, overwhelmed and desperately looking forward to the weekend where we might actually get some rest. Taking a step back to take some deep breaths and reconnect with ourselves can feel like a daunting challenge – where are you going to fit time in to do that?! All you need is 30 minutes and some room to move. With this 30 minute grounding yoga flow, you’ll be feeling back to your best self in no time.

From Well+Good: 

When your brain is going a million miles a minute, it’s good to take some deep breaths, slow down, and get rooted with the Earth again. During this week’s episode of Trainer of the Month Club, that’s exactly what you’ll do, as yoga instructor Pilin Anice takes us through a 30-minute grounding yoga flow to help you feel more centered.

“As we think about grounding, it’s this opportunity to let whatever is kind of up and moving in our bodies to begin to settle,” says Anice, who is an Ailey Extension instructor, Mirror trainer, and Lululemon ambassador. “That might be thoughts, that might be energies that you’re holding on to. So let each breath that you take be an invitation to soften more, to release more, to ground more.”

During this video, you’ll focus a ton on your breath, calming your body and your mind before heading into some gentle movement. This flow isn’t about moving fast and building a ton of heat. Rather, you’re taking things slow and reconnecting with your mind and body.

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